Euro Lottery – not me

Well like many other UK residents we woke up to the possibility of winning £113million only to find that the good news alert was to say I had won £6.80.

For those brief moments of possibility one does the its not me, secretly hoping it is me  but not being surprised when it was not me.

They say that paying out money to partake in a lottery is a tax on the stupid, for me it is a minor gamble that opens a window of possibility that for the briefest of moments is tanatalising.

Good luck to the winner, I hope you do something really good and profound with your winnings.

Make a difference


Why this blog

It has been said that to right down something is a way of getting your frustrations out of the way and clearing space for enjoyment of life. I feel it can be more cathartic than that. The very act of writing about what you are frustrated about can open you up to understanding the underlying cause of the frustration as well.

Well its the 8th of October 2010 and I have been married for 22 years and feel that I could do with an outlet beyond my other professional blogging and community activities to express myself on all manner of things.