The challenge of modern society

Every noticed how people are busy making lists of things they are going to do, or talking about what they are going to do or interested in that needs investigation.

All sounds terribly intellectual and clever but hidden behind this is a simple fact that people have to a large extent lost the love of execution, by which I mean actually doing things, writing a document, reading an article, researching something, forming an opinion, making a difference, contributing or delivering on commitments.

I think this is a corporate and social malaise that is causing waste, delays and fails on so many fronts as people have lost the make it happen spirit. I this a by product of employing people from University where they have acquired a sense of self importance devoid of outcomes beyond studying to get the right degree to get into the right graduate programme or is it corporate culture that wants yes people who simply work to earn to live versus see work as a fundamental part of who they are. Work is part of and individuals contribution to society, growth in the economy and general improvement in all things, self esteem, self awareness and fulfilment.

We are increasingly seeing employers seeking people with real experience who can turn up and work, by which I mean produce something, do something, be happy to follow when asked, happy to lead but above to produce things not just talk about it in self congratulatory terms demonstrating their prowess with the English Language and access to arcane knowledge and terms that are largely inaccessible to most people.

We need a simple charter for the future

  • Understand what is need
  • Think about who to achieve it
  • Act on those steps and deliver
  • Measure the result for satisfaction and outcomes
  • Value delivery and execution above pontification, expect people to be responsible and accountable

If what a person doing cannot be defined in SMART terms we should be saying stop until you can.

I don’t want to kill thinking, what i want to do is inspire people to execute and learn the joy of making things happen

There are moments and then there are moments

There are moments and there are moments.  Love it or hate X Factor turns up real talent, people with a voice so clear that it cuts glass, touches your soul or reminds you that the world with music is a much better place all round.  This young lady took a famous song and made it new again, different and better and possibly touched the real essence of its intent.

I for one am grateful to have seen it and with the aid of Sky+ I do not have to torture myself with that does not inspire me.

And if it was not enough in the same evening a young ma turns up, classic take of shy individual, living in the background who can reach in and touch the very soul of a person.  How and why do people with such a rare gift go unnoticed, is this very ommission that inspires the talent or are they totally disconnected. Either way than heavens it gets a chance to come out even if for a fleeting moment

I personally had a mixed day with several moments of frustration and concern commonly found when you are driving change and trying to bring people and capability forward.  Music is my saviour in so many ways it provides sustenance for me.  Tonight the balance to the universe was restored by spinning up some back issues of X Factor, so thank you for this programme even if aspects of it are a car crash there are moments of pure joy for viewer and participant alike