Has apple lost its design mojo

I don’t know about you but I am beginning to wonder about Apple and its approach to UX design.

iTunes and ios Music

The latest implementations of music and itunes are a backward step for me personally. I find it hard to do what i want to do and find what I wan to find. It seems more designed to push their products and services and not help me listen to music and find what I am looking for.


The search features are weak. I use gmail natively and when I search for an email it is found in seconds, the search on the native email client on ios is poor rarely makes a match and brings up lots of false matches

Fingerprint recognition vs password for iTunes

Well I have chosen the convenience of using my fingerprint notwithstanding the issues of NSA and Apple having a record of these because I do but the reality is for some reason it keeps asking me for my AppleID password at strange times especially of course at the most inconvenient time and it causes frustration.

So Apple what is happening over there, Billions in the bank, new products, new features all the time, but the legendary design crown is slipping especially on software UX

shape up please

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