FIFA 15 to 16 – lack of smart thinking by EA

My son just purchased FIFA16 it was considered a need vs a want, on the basis that his cohort of friends are all upgrading, a self fulfilling prophecy of course or confusion between cause and effect.

The sad reality of many months of dutiful work and development of his squad and the investment i coin and points to build his team in FIFA 15, all that is now gone in FIFA 16. Imagine if that was how the premiership worked!!!. Well it does when it comes to new kit of course, creating the demand from children of all ages and a tax on parents.

I wonder if EA sports “it’s in the game” or rather “it’s in the money we can make off kids” reflected about matters a little they could come up with a business model that respected loyalty and encouraged investment by young people.  They could charge more per player or cost of coins and points but may the asset base of players and experience move forward across each release of the game.  The game itself would then be about improving features and functions instead of a shameless monetisation agenda with some lipstick added to the core game.

The kids have already worked it out and called it a swizzzzzz.

Come on EA Sports think about allowing upgrades and transfer from one version of the game to the next or let them sell off their players and transfer the cash over