I am sure most people will recognise that almost every day there is a conversation going on in their head, its like a running commentary or reflection on what is going on around them.

Sometimes profound insights occur, recognition of things that simply frustrate or annoy you come to light.

It has been said that to right down something is a way of getting your frustrations out of the way and clearing space for the enjoyment of life.

I feel it can be more cathartic than that. The very act of writing about what you are frustrated about can open you up to understanding the underlying cause of the frustration as well.  Equally capturing observations or insights that happen in real time as life unfolds sometimes is a basis for knowledge sharing

Well on the 8th of October 2010 I had been married for 22 years and feel that I could do with an outlet beyond my other professional blogging and community activities to express myself on all manner of things that I see, feel and hear as I journey through life as a man, son, father, husband, friend, colleague, leader, follower and partner

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