More customer service failures

You would think trying to open a bank account and deposit money would be easy but no. You can go the Alliance and Leicester website, loads of information about how good the service is, how much you will save and what the benfits of the service are, but you cannot apply on line or download any forms you have to speak to someone!!!.  Well after holding for an hour and three attempts you finally get to speak to someone who is very helpful and says they will send the forms.

The thing is I did this three days ago and the forms never arrived, so here we are trying to deposit money and open a new bank account and the customer facing processes are stalling the business from acquiring customers. to make matters worse the music on hold and the swee talking voice of the on hold system tells you that you can download the forms from the website but they are no where to be found.  When you speak to your vey capable customer representative he tells you that the forms are no longer there and they have repeatedly asked their marketing people to change the message.

What’s this all cost British businesses. The government have added a notional value to peoples time spent wasted in process at about an average of £13 an hour.  do the maths if there is this level of latency in the system for one person what does it all add up to for British business and lets not assume we are the worst in the world, so its in the trillions basically