Missing the moment – Carpe diem

I find that I need to blog post at the moment of thinking about a thing, I have installed the iPhone App to help me do this but I found this week there were three of four moments when I need to either vent, reflect or express myself and either failed to act due to pressure of time commitments or circumstance.

What would i have blogged about but missed the moment?

An encounter with my beloved but eccentric wife who is at the mercy of her biorythms, emotions and in my view fatigue and blood sugar levels. As much as I know what the underlying causes of her disappointing behaviour I find it hard to tolerate it as it in my view is a sign of immaturity not to manage ones own emotions and behaviours.

Frustrations with work ethic of other people who talk a lot and don’t deliver either because they lack to organisational or technical skills to execute those activities they have taken on.  I prefer to be planned and organised and seek to be proactive about what needs to be done and seek to ensure people are competent and offer them the ability to ask for help well in advance of deadlines.  Frustrations comes when you are two weeks down the line with the deadline approaching and the reality of a situation is declared with people finally admitting they do not know how to do something. If that was not bad enough it is compounded by people who step in to supposedly fix the situation but in fact no even less and all they do is make gestures but do not fix it.

Inspiration – I went to an event during the weekend that i have been thinking about doing for a long while. I really enjoyed it, found a sense of peace and inspiration. I hope to go again and explore further.

Saddness – Having had a few hours off from responsibilities of a family nature to have it thrown back in my face by my wife as part of a self centered moan and nag about her needs which frankly are fully supported to the expense of other things.

Integrity – Standing up for a mature approach to situations and working calmly through the juvenile and petulant behaviour of my beloved.